11 September 2014

Doodle Kids Throwback Thursday

Throwback Thursday to 2010 when I published my first small range of cards. A cupcake range and doodle kids a cute, whimsical character based collection.

Here is little doodle bee

A5 greeting card blank inside and a notebook, with a quote / affirmation I try to live by

A literally doodle this character on the corner of a brown paper bag in 2005 I saved it and re drew him in Adobe Illustrator and he came to life... I loved him so much I created him a few friends.

My 2010 first print run
Some lovely magnets I designed

Stationery packs

In  2010 I was working full time and not getting illustration commissions. While I developed my skills and artistic style I self published. 

A time of experimenting with different products alongside greeting , such as:
Postcards, prints, magnets, keyring, bookmarks, rulers, badges, stationery packs  

I started the craft fair circuit and received feedback from customers. I print way to much in my first print run and was pushed into selling direct to gift shops to get rid of some of the stock. My first ever stockist was Tabernacle in Notting Hill and Southampton University gift shop. 

All stepping stones to help get me on my way to creating art for greeting cards and stationery.

Colouring Pages

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5 September 2014

Ann Kelle - Follow Friday

A few weeks ago I was featured in Zoe Chapman’s Treasure Tuesday
http://etsy.me/1u69xoy Zoe’s store Ollie & Roo is simply beautiful high quality handmade products with lovely fresh contemporary fabrics.

Images are property of Zoe Chapman from Ollie and Roo © all rights reserved

While browsing her store I stumbled upon a fabric print called Super Kids. I was simply going to add Zoe’s Travel Bag to my Colourful Etsy Pinterest board, which is a gift guide and showcases Black, Asian, and Mixed Race - Multicultural finds on Etsy.

I found the pattern design so intriguing because it is very diverse featuring children of all colours… very inclusive and right up my street.

Thankfully Zoe always accredits the fabric supplier so it was easy for me to trace the pattern designer Ann Kelle via Robert Kaufman

I’m currently learning pattern design and these character-based patterns are a joy and inspirational for me, and happy the characters are celebrating inclusiveness so effortlessly. Bravo to Ann and the Robert Kaufman fabrics.

Artwork featured and images are property of Ann Kelle © all rights reserved

Artwork featured and images are property of Ann Kelle © all rights reserved 
Artwork featured and images are property of Ann Kelle © all rights reserved 

Artwork featured and images are property of Ann Kelle © all rights reserved

Ann Kelle is an absolute pro and tones of people admire and use her prints in their work, please check out her website http://www.annkelle.com and you’ll see why.  Check her out and Follow Friday.

Artwork featured and images are property of Ann Kelle © all rights reserved please visit http://www.annkelle.com/

Thank you Ann and Zoe for allowing me to use your photos.


3 September 2014

Let's Get to Know Each Other

Since separating my greeting cards business from my services I have a few new followers. I thought you'd all like to know a bit more about the artist/illustrator behind Nyha Cards and Nyha Graphics.

Here is my "press version" artist bio, which is already out of date LOL

While working on my PR for my launch in May 2014 with Slave 2 The Vibe I was instructed to write my first press release and a artist bio.

Which I found worth it for many reasons such as:
  • Many people - editors, bloggers etc are going request the same info, you can add and edit your blurb to fit a number of articles and features and save yourself time.
  • Its good to reflect, time flies when you're having fun and it is good to stop and review your achievements so far, every so often.   
  • Apparently a few people think my companies Nyha Graphics and Nyha Cards have a massive team behind them. This would be true in my wildest dreams, possibly in the future...I hope, for now its a one women band,  just me and my nickname is Nyha.

For further info or to talk about a commission check out my folio and email info@nyhagraphics.co.uk

Thanks for stopping by,

PS Thanks to Julia for proofing and editing it for me.

1 September 2014

My Top 10 Greeting Cards, Etsy Deals and Offers

I'm getting ready for Christmas, a little late in the world of greeting card publishing. But not for Etsy selling. I sell all my Christmas items myself via Etsy and not wholesale to shops just yet.

I'm extremely happy to say my illustration and design commences this week so very excited. After months of sales, PR and marketing I can take that "hat off" and do what I LOVE most ART, ILLUSTRATION and DESIGN. Yippeee.

The last few weeks I've been cleaning up my store, trying to make it easier for my online customers. I have been adapting sale tactics my craft fair customers like... Which are money saving deals and bundles.

Although I love any sale small or big and often recieve sales for just one greeting card online, I have noticed people prefer to by in bulk, with a money saving incentive.

Here are a few online offers.
3 cards for £5, rather than the normal £6.60.
6 cards for £10, rather than the normal £13.20.
12 cards for £20, rather than the normal £26.40.

I think I'll design a more visually pleasing promo, with cards I'd recommend... but for now this is it.

I thought you might like to see my Top 10 greeting card designs which I compiled with sales from stockists. The pre 2014 sales were easier to rate as there wasn't much to choose from only 25 designs and I'd been selling them for a long time.  

The new Top 10 for this year so far will need longer to gauge. My stockist are trying new designs out and there is now 65 designs to choose from, so I'll do an update at the end of the year.

For me this is all mega exciting and a great motivator. 
Please let me know if you have a fav or if you are screaming "more of xyz please!"

To stock my cards in for shop or if you have a gift store to recommend to me please email Naomi via info@nyhagraphics.co.uk

To purchase online please check out my www.nyhagraphics.etsy.com 
Like my new page www.facebook.com/nyhacards or follow me via twitter https://twitter.com/NyhaCards

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31 July 2014

Nyha Cards on The High Street

So my creative whirlwind continues at a steady pace, Nyha Cards which I launched in May 2014 is well underway. You can buy online or request a catalogue for direct mail orders info@nyhacards.co.uk.

I'm still taking my time following up buyer contacts and my hard work is paying off -  I'm thrilled to announce I managed to get my first major supplier which is a department store Morley's of Brixton.



As you can see its on a very busy high road and has steady customer traffic.
SO I hope my cards will sell well and I get lots of re-orders...fingers crossed.

What do you think of this Flipagram?

I working on my marketing and PR but really there is only so much one girl can do.

Slave2thevibe wrote a lovely blog and featured my art http://slave2thevibe.com/nyha-graphics/ and I'll be featured in a few greeting card magazines again soon, its all about word of mouth so please share or let me know your feedback, or any possible stores you'd like to see my cards in. The more help I get the quicker I can get back to what I'm best at, the artwork.

This selling and promo is all a learning curve for me, I have to practice:
Patience with the process and more importantly myself
Planning and time keeping is essential
Enjoyment try to live in the moment, enjoy my achievements and celebrate this time
and stay open to new opportunities

Here all my stockist at present:

Treasures Gift shop - South Norwood, Portland Road, London http://bit.ly/18MIFvj

B's balloons - West Norwood http://www.bevsballoons.com/

The Nubian Art Centre - Catford broadway http://bit.ly/1aQIxhh

Rosebud Trading, RT GIFT SHOP - Old Street, London 

 Streatham Post Office, SW2 4UQ

and now Morley's of Brixton, 398 Brixton Road, London, SW9 8EH

Or me, I have tonnes of stock :o)
Get a catalogue via info@nyhacards.co.uk
or buy online https://www.etsy.com/uk/shop/nyhagraphics


I'll be back soon with a artwork post. So you can see how some of these little cards are created.
Thank you for visiting and commenting.


24 June 2014

Summer Summer Time

Illustration Friday topic SUMMER, well I love drawing happy, sunny days.
I hope you like this one.

I  added this one to my recent range of blank cards
Featured in Beautiful Touch of Green Etsy treasury

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23 June 2014

Illustration Fair 2014 - De-Brief

The Illustrators’ Fair was outstanding.

 In four words FRESH, LIVELY, CREATIVE and FUN.

What a fabulous creative fueled atmosphere, a big well done to the House of Illustration team and volunteers.  Everybody knows how much I love and support illustration, but I rarely have the opportunity to showcase in the UK illustration scene for one reason or another. I heard about this fair from the Greeting Card Association and I did not delay in sending my application. To my joy and amazement I was selected.

House of Illustration is a very important place not only because it is the world's first place dedicated home for the art of illustration, but also for everyone - students, children, authors, art directors, illustration fans and “buyers” of illustration.

The music, workshops and stands were perfectly curated. It was nice to see Kingston University Students busy stand with exciting £4 portraits, demonstrated a great way to meet the public, show how fun, adaptable and interactive illustration can be. The children’s “balloon portraits” workshop was a fab talking point, personalized balloons by an illustrator or decorate your own was enjoyed by many of the children.

I love these type of fairs I enjoyed engaging with customers and fans of illustration face to face, got feedback and was inspired by peers and traders. My notebooks went down well and also my range of Nyha Cards had a lot of attention, customers wanted to share their excitement for my multicultural mix of characters and tell me their stories and why or how they related to my characters. Music to my ears and testament that I am going down the right route I just have to keep up the hard work.

Can’t wait until the next event.
I highly recommend checking out House of Illustration website for fun pack things to do for all the family, Quentin Blake Inside Stories starts on 2nd July 2014

Thank you for all the support, encouragement and visiting my blog.

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