31 July 2014

Nyha Cards on The High Street

So my creative whirlwind continues at a steady pace, Nyha Cards which I launched in May 2014 is well underway. You can buy online or request a catalogue for direct mail orders info@nyhacards.co.uk.

I'm still taking my time following up buyer contacts and my hard work is paying off -  I'm thrilled to announce I managed to get my first major supplier which is a department store Morley's of Brixton.



As you can see its on a very busy high road and has steady customer traffic.
SO I hope my cards will sell well and I get lots of re-orders...fingers crossed.

What do you think of this Flipagram?

I working on my marketing and PR but really there is only so much one girl can do.

Slave2thevibe wrote a lovely blog and featured my art http://slave2thevibe.com/nyha-graphics/ and I'll be featured in a few greeting card magazines again soon, its all about word of mouth so please share or let me know your feedback, or any possible stores you'd like to see my cards in. The more help I get the quicker I can get back to what I'm best at, the artwork.

This selling and promo is all a learning curve for me, I have to practice:
Patience with the process and more importantly myself
Planning and time keeping is essential
Enjoyment try to live in the moment, enjoy my achievements and celebrate this time
and stay open to new opportunities

Here all my stockist at present:

Treasures Gift shop - South Norwood, Portland Road, London http://bit.ly/18MIFvj

B's balloons - West Norwood http://www.bevsballoons.com/

The Nubian Art Centre - Catford broadway http://bit.ly/1aQIxhh

Rosebud Trading, RT GIFT SHOP - Old Street, London 

 Streatham Post Office, SW2 4UQ

and now Morley's of Brixton, 398 Brixton Road, London, SW9 8EH

Or me, I have tonnes of stock :o)
Get a catalogue via info@nyhacards.co.uk
or buy online https://www.etsy.com/uk/shop/nyhagraphics


I'll be back soon with a artwork post. So you can see how some of these little cards are created.
Thank you for visiting and commenting.


24 June 2014

Summer Summer Time

Illustration Friday topic SUMMER, well I love drawing happy, sunny days.
I hope you like this one.

I  added this one to my recent range of blank cards
Featured in Beautiful Touch of Green Etsy treasury

Thanks for stopping by,

23 June 2014

Illustration Fair 2014 - De-Brief

The Illustrators’ Fair was outstanding.

 In four words FRESH, LIVELY, CREATIVE and FUN.

What a fabulous creative fueled atmosphere, a big well done to the House of Illustration team and volunteers.  Everybody knows how much I love and support illustration, but I rarely have the opportunity to showcase in the UK illustration scene for one reason or another. I heard about this fair from the Greeting Card Association and I did not delay in sending my application. To my joy and amazement I was selected.

House of Illustration is a very important place not only because it is the world's first place dedicated home for the art of illustration, but also for everyone - students, children, authors, art directors, illustration fans and “buyers” of illustration.

The music, workshops and stands were perfectly curated. It was nice to see Kingston University Students busy stand with exciting £4 portraits, demonstrated a great way to meet the public, show how fun, adaptable and interactive illustration can be. The children’s “balloon portraits” workshop was a fab talking point, personalized balloons by an illustrator or decorate your own was enjoyed by many of the children.

I love these type of fairs I enjoyed engaging with customers and fans of illustration face to face, got feedback and was inspired by peers and traders. My notebooks went down well and also my range of Nyha Cards had a lot of attention, customers wanted to share their excitement for my multicultural mix of characters and tell me their stories and why or how they related to my characters. Music to my ears and testament that I am going down the right route I just have to keep up the hard work.

Can’t wait until the next event.
I highly recommend checking out House of Illustration website for fun pack things to do for all the family, Quentin Blake Inside Stories starts on 2nd July 2014

Thank you for all the support, encouragement and visiting my blog.

20 June 2014

Thinking About Branding

Branding is a very big deal in design and business. I am always happy to consult and take on branding projects for small to medium companies and in my day job our company's brand is discussed, questioned and even refined everyday.
There is a massive amount of thought, money, time and resources which go into branding a company.

I never concerned myself with branding for my business until recently. I am growing my business model, showing more clients what I do and what Nyha Graphics can offer, last year I started attending networking events too. Speaking to non-creatives and business types it became more apparent I should be more clear on my business, brand and services I can provide. Being stuck with a awkward silence when asked “Give us your elevator pitch” can be stressful and daunting if not prepared.

Easy ways for creatives' to think about branding and dip their toes into more businesswise mindset.
  • What do in a couple words. 
  • Secondly list and memorise services you can provide or construct clear, short but sweet couple of sentences. Think about what you like doing and what you want to do more of when answering this question. 
  • Lastly clearly state in a paragraph or to what you do, what services you provide and outline how a client might work with you, using examples of past jobs which went well. 

I am a dual creative with many services at first I found it hard to explain what I did or could offer. Open discussed is the key and cleared up lots of questions / confusion I had.

After discussion with my design collogues I found for me a logo isn’t a great idea. But there is a strong importance in creating a brand or a feel to my company. Showcasing professionalism, creativity, approachability and colour. With this in mind I ensure coherent fonts, colours and designs, which complement anything I put my work on.  Here are a few pieces of my branding

My Strapline sits well with my art pieces

If a logo is needed, this could be it.
With clear brand ideas it was easy to apply this to mt trade show stand.
New sub-company Nyha Cards is branded with same fonts and style of design

I recommend reading Breaking into Freelance Illustration: A Guide for Artists, Designers and Illustrators by Holly DeWolf it has a great section on understanding your brand.

Other related links


Thanks for visiting, and let me know your troughs if you're a creative getting more into the business side of things, what helps you and if you found this post useful.


17 June 2014

Exciting News! The Illustrators Fair 2014

My Poster Design
I'm happy to announce I have been selected to exhibit at the House of Illustrations' first Illustrators' Fair! The competition was fierce (which is it always is the illustration field) but they picked me, I'm so thrilled and honoured.

The House of Illustration is Sir Quentin Blake's vision to make a home for all things illustration. He has been raising money and awareness for the house of illustration since 2002 when he was Children’s Laureate.

He described his vision to create a centre for all illustration; 

“Such a gallery would be about not simply books or children's books, but about the art of illustration in all its forms. It could provide a home for exhibitions of young illustrators, illustrators from the past, and open a lot of other portfolios and archives that we rarely see”.
Quentin Blake, Laureate’s Progress (2002)

Finally its here, open to the public and with grand housewarming season going on please check out the website for more details http://www.houseofillustration.org.uk/whats-on.

Piggy Love will be auctioned on the day of fair.

Ball Park

Groovy Glasses

There will be 101 illustrators showing off there work: workshops, stalls, talks, food and games it promises to be a day of creative fun, I hope you can join us.

6 June 2014

Nyha Cards at PG Live 2014

Me Modeling with the amazing PG Live Models

Can you see a Nyha card?

Here Nyha? LOL

It was a real trill to be exhibiting at one of my favourite trade fairs, PG Live 2014 was my first trade fair and with all the preparation and work involved before and after it feels like a real achievement it all went so fast, as they say time flies when you are having fun.

It was nice to work towards and focus a large body of work I started out with only 25 cards and now have way over 60. 50 Children’s, 10 Women’s and 8 Babies

How my range looked before PG Live 2014

What my range it looks like now, minus a few - they all couldn't fit on the page

I had made a few changes to my cards following previous customer/shop buyers’ feedback.

More boy cards I only had 3 now there is 16

Captioning inside cards - previously when I was testing the market my cards were blank inside, but the feedback was to add messages inside.

I received great feedback lots of complements on my stand. My design team from my day job said it was well branded, bright inviting and colourful. For artist showing a body of work is always daunting on the open night but it soon subsides and it feels like a YES I DID IT relief and its a bonus when the critics and peers have positive feedback and in this case make orders or request contact details.
I had a few rookie errors, such as: I forgot my step ladder luckily the talented and lovely Yasmin from YTR Designs helped me out; I didn't code label the front of my 65 cards so had to do this on the day of set up. Overall all the knowledge and support I received form The Ladder Group, The GCA, The AOI and my peers made it run smoothly and I just enjoyed the entire learning experience.

My stand

My Great News
I was approached by one major store my lips are sealed until the deal is done and dusted. I have many exciting leads and follow ups, some exciting online app companies and a few on the spot orders, now the hard work starts. It’s not always easy to pin down the contact you received after the show. You have to be persistent and consistent and patience.

Me and my new mates

Want to Buy Nyha Cards
The ecommerce website is due for launch end of July/August in the meantime I will be doing mail order with Pay Pal payment options simply email info@nyhacards.co.uk request a catalogue and I will add approx new 20 cards to www.nyhagraphics.etsy.com

You’ll be able to catch me at on of my summer shows and craft fairs in London too.

An the answer to will I do PG Live again or a similar trade fair? Very possibly, it’s not a sprint it's a marathon.

Please leave you views, thoughts and comments I'd love to hear from you.
Thank you for visiting

5 June 2014

Throwback Thursday 2006

2006 before my social media days, before I enjoyed showing my work and before I started focusing on my illustration. I loved to painting with oils or acrylics. Here are some of my seascapes, I travel more too, sunsets and seascapes from my travels in Nuweiba, Egypt, Jamaica and Sri Lanka, those were the days. 

I sold a few but painting for me is/was a relaxing escape, not for fame or fortune... to relax, observe and practice the skill of looking and communicating what I see with a brush. Where are they now? Happily archived or "looked after" by close friends and family. One day I may get the urge to revisit Seascapes I hope.

Thanks for visiting,

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